June 9, 2023

Kayak’s New ‘Best Time to Travel’ Tool Makes Trip Planning a Breeze

Travel is back in full swing and that means that Kayak's new trip-planning tool has come at the perfect time. Its Best Time to Travel tool will take the guesswork out of organizing your next trip by analyzing everything from the cost of flights to the weather. This makes it unique among other trip-planning apps and aggregators, which often only look at the lowest price as the determining factor.

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June 1, 2023

Traveler Wears Five Pounds of Clothing To Avoid the Extra Luggage Fees at the Airport

Have you ever been at the airport and discovered that your luggage is over the weight limit? If so, you know that feeling of being totally flustered and faced with the prospect of an extra weight fee. Paying it might feel like your only choice, but not if you're Gel Rodriguez. She found a creative way around the weight limit, saved herself overage fees, and became a viral sensation in the process.

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April 24, 2023

Breathtaking ‘Chapel of Souls’ in Portugal Is Lined With 15,947 Illustrated Tiles

Architecture and travel are intertwined. People often journey to foreign lands for the opportunity to see great landmarks and the breathtaking Capela das Almas, aka Chapel of Souls, is definitely a must-see. Located in Porto, Portugal, this architectural attraction is covered in 15,947 blue and white ceramic tiles. These individual pieces form one massive beautiful design over the entire exterior of the neoclassical Saint Catherine Chapel.

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