June 8, 2023

Outpost X Offers a Stunning Glamping Oasis in the Utah Desert

Two hundred and forty acres of the southern Utah desert are being transformed into a glamorous glamping experience called Outpost X. Ten units with four different concepts cater to adventurous souls who are seeking a dreamlike vacation under the stars. After two years in development, construction is 80% complete and Outpost X is taking their first reservations on Indiegogo, with the intention of having stays begin in August.

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May 29, 2023

Fascinating Video Reveals How Florence Built the World’s Largest Dome (At the Time)

Architect Manuel Bravo loves sharing his passion for history and architecture by creating informative videos about the world's most famous monuments. From the Egyptian pyramids to the Sagrada Familia, Bravo takes the time to break down everything you need to know about architecture and answers a lot of the public's burning questions. In one particular video, he focuses on one of the most well-known sites in Italy—the Florence Cathedral.

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May 21, 2023

Innovative Concept Takes Visitors Underground in the National Archeological Museum of Athens

Though their proposal didn't win the competition, Kengo Kuma and Associates and K-Studio created a memorable design for the expansion of the National Archeological Museum in Athens, Greece. Titled Unearth, the underground extension looks like it was formed by slightly raising the earth as a tent for archeological treasures. The idea is that the design evokes the concept of buried treasure in an effort to remind the public of the museum's history.

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May 13, 2023

Luxurious Self-Sufficient Eco Lodge in Africa Is Designed To Give Back

Italy-based design firm MASK Architects has created a unique eco-safari in Africa that will give back to the surrounding communities. Passionate about the fact that clean water should not be a luxury commodity, MASK Architects has designed modular lodges that produce its water supply using Air to Water technology. Visitors will be welcomed to the luxury resort knowing that their needs, as well as the needs of the local community, are being taken care of.

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