Pen Drawing

June 9, 2023

22-Foot-Long Drawing Explores the Olympics Through a Trio of Cities and Greek God Zeus

Some cities feel like they are a part of you. Whether it’s the architecture, people, or culture, the connection you have can feel like an extension of your soul. Artist Oscar Oiwa has this type of special attachment to different cities across the globe. Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Paris, and New York deeply inform his work. It's exemplified in his new exhibition titled Metropolis, which features fantastical versions of the cities drawn in marker and charcoal.

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December 15, 2022

Artist “Fixes” Broken Plates With Spectacular Pen and Ink Drawings

Using a pen and paper, artist Rob Strati mends broken sentimental plates. The series, titled Fragmented, originated in 2020 when a plate belonging to his late mother-in-law broke. From there, Strati created a way to bring the remaining ceramic pieces to life, continuing the ornate designs into sprawling illustrations that find new life on a blank page.

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August 18, 2022

Artist Celebrates the Perfection of Nature Through Meticulous Geometric Drawings

Artist Rafael Araujo expresses his love of nature through geometry. Incorporating the golden spiral and helixes into his compositions, he uses these concepts as the basis for shells and kaleidoscopes of butterflies. The results are drawings in which the natural elements are sketched and colored in while the geometric guiding lines are left on the page.

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June 28, 2022

Incredible Architectural Illustrations Celebrate the Immense Beauty of Historic Façades

Architecture is one of the most meticulous things that you can sketch. Combining elements of scale, perspective, and fine details, it's a challenging subject matter. But not for artist Demi Lang, it seems. On the surface, she makes drawing buildings appear effortless with her incredible mixed-media illustrations using ink, pens, and pencils. The exquisite images showcase a variety of architecture rendered with fine lines and the beautiful features of various building styles.

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