June 9, 2023

George R. R. Martin Joins the Picket Line of the WGA Strike in His Home of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Behind every epic show or movie, before the casting of famous actors and before the visual effects team starts doing its magic, there is a writer (or a group of them) working on building a world and telling a compelling story. For example, the nail-biting political moves and daring characters of Game of Thrones began as the creation of author George R. R. Martin.

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May 28, 2023

Mysterious Musician Performs a Compelling Cover of ‘Hotel California’ With a Guzheng

The Eagles' “Hotel California” is an extremely famous song, which is why there are hundreds of covers out there. While it has been performed by legends such as the Gypsy Kings, Nancy Sinatra, and Frank Ocean, there is an elusive musician who has shared a unique version with the world. Armed with a guzheng, the enigmatic artist MoYun has versioned this popular song from the 70s.

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