June 8, 2023

Astrophotographer Spends a Month of Sleepless Nights to Capture Rare Lunar Figure Eight

One dedicated astrophotographer was able to cross an incredible photo project off his checklist when he spent a month creating a lunar analemma, an asymmetrical figure-eight curve in the sky. This type of image often refers to the Sun, but can also be used by other celestial bodies. As they are very time-consuming and difficult to create, very few people have done so.

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May 16, 2023

Amazing “GigaMoon” Made of 280,000 Photos Captures Detailed Surface of the Moon

Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy is always looking to further his craft and wow us with his capabilities. Known for creating highly detailed images of the cosmos, his newest photograph is a masterful look at the Moon. Made from 280,000 photos, the 1.3 gigapixel image is aptly titled GigaMoon. It's a photograph that McCarthy has been chasing for quite some time.

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April 17, 2023

Two Astrophotographers Join Forces to Create Enormous 140-Megapixel Photo of the Sun

Two astrophotographers teamed up to produce an incredible 140-megapixel image of the Sun. Andrew McCarthy and Jason Guenzel are each skilled in the art of capturing the cosmos, but what they have been able to produce together is mindblowing. This image of the Sun shows its fiery surface in rich detail, as well as a plasma “tornado” that is the height of 14 Earths (which is approximately 111,000 miles).

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January 17, 2023

Astronomer Captures One Spectacular Photo of 5 Planets All Visible With the Naked Eye

Sometimes, the planets align—and that’s not just a saying. As astronomer Gianluca Masi of The Virtual Telescope Project shows, the worlds in our Solar System came together on December 28, 2022, in a spectacular “planetary parade.” Using a fish-eye and zoom lens, he captured the naked-eye sight of the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Mercury from his home in Rome. Rome’s night sky on December 28 was finally clear after cloudy weather.

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